Sunday, September 15, 2013

Em Michelle Phan Cosmetics Review: Lipstick, Eyeliner, Eye Shadow

Hey Peeps!

Today's review is about a few products from Michelle Phan's new makeup line Em.
If you don't know who Michelle is, she is an wonderful You-Tuber who does makeup tutorials then started working for Lancome and now recently just released her own makeup line. Here is the link to her YouTube Channel if you would like to take a look! She is very inspiring and positive woman to look up to as a kick ass working women in the beauty industry! Which I dream of being one day - Here goes the review! 

I made my purchase while she was doing a special that you got any color eyeliner and lipstick plus a deluxe sample of one of her eyeshadow palettes for $27.50. I thought it was a pretty good deal and I wanted to try the line anyways. 

I chose: 

Waterliner intense color eyeliner in Bronze Kiss 
Lip Gallery creamy color classic lipstick in Misty Mauve 
Trial Size version of the Life Palette (3 eyeshadows, 1 lip color) 

*FYI, this is supposed to be a luxury beauty brand, like Lancome, YSL, Urban Decay (loreal owns all of these) So I am reviewing based on that information and comparing it to the quality of those high ends makeup brands. 

Eyeliner and Eyeshadow 

Left to Right: Puppies & Kittens, Spring Time, Teal Rain 

Top to Bottom: Teal Rain, Spring Time, Puppies & Kittens, Bronze Kiss eyeliner

My Thoughts: At first look these are gorgeous colors, perfect for fall. I also think that the color 'Kittens & Puppies' reminds me a little bit of MAC's Satin Taupe. At first touch the eyeshadows are very soft and I thought wow this is going to be great...unfortunately I thought wrong. I was really disappointed when I actually applied the eyeshadows and found that they are really not pigmented at all!!! Just to get the swatches above I had to go over and over with it on my hand. I really hope that it's just the ones I got in my sample, so let me know if you have experienced something different. For a palette priced at $38.00 I just expected a lot more. Sad, because I really wanted to love it - but I also want to be honest with you all and not have you buying something that isn't great. 

My Thoughts: The color is very beautiful and I'm sorry the picture came out a little dark, but it looks just like the name says Bronze! The eyeliner packaging is very cool because it comes with a smudger on the end as well as a sharpener under it - very convenient! I wore this eyeliner the other night and the color was great and made my eyes pop. I would be careful because it's a very soft liner and I actually broke the top of it off the first time I tried to use it. 
As far as staying in your waterline, I really don't think this colored showed up very well at all in my waterline. Overall, it's a really nice, soft, pigmented eyeliner and I DO think it compares to Urban Decay pencils besides the staying in the waterline (it could just be this color). 

Lipstick and Palette Sample Lip Color 

Creamy Color Classic Lipstick in Misty Mauve 

Top: Misty Mauve       Bottom: Palette Sample Lipstick in Time's Up

My Thoughts: I really do love the misty mauve lipstick! It goes on nice and smooth and creamy just like it's name. It doesn't really smell like much of anything and comes with 3.5 g (which is .5g more than a MAC lipstick) The reason I mentioned that is because these are priced at $16.50 where MAC's lipsticks are $15.00  - um when did their prices go up by the way? Overall the lipstick is a Yes! As far as the palette lipcolor goes...I'm just really not a huge fan of lip colors being mixed in with eyeshadows in palettes. Why? Because the eyeshadow extras get all into the lip color and it just seems to get messy. Is that just me? Also that means you have to have a lip brush and most of the time I feel like the women in the YouTube video 'Ain't nobody got time for that'. 

Overall, I my favorite product is definitely the lipstick. I was not impressed with the eyeshadows, especially for their price. I hope that maybe it was just the sample I got. 

Have you tried any of the Em Michelle Phan Cosmetics line? 
What was your experience with it? Let me know in the comments :) 

I better go wash off this face masks before my face dries up and flakes off HaHa

hugs and Sunday night face masks,


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

  2. I'm with you on the eye shadows. I got the same sample in warm fuzzies, and was royally disappointed in the quality of them. Too much fallout and colour payoff is only achievable with multiple layers. =(

  3. Is that trial size palette is not complete? I mean only an eyeshadow and lip color? and the blush etc is only a picture print? :O