Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Art of Concealing

Hi Beautifuls!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! 
I got to hangout with one of my best girlfriends and sneak some much needed relaxation in. As always, the weekend went by too fast and Monday is here again and I'm ready to start a fresh new week. 

Today's post idea came to me while I while I was talking to my Aunt last weekend as we were preparing for my beautiful cousin's bridal shower. Dark circles somehow came up in our conversation...probably because we all had lovely matching ones - keep in mind we also all have fair skin so our friendly circles show up like raccoon eyes in the night! Anyways, I brought up that she needed to get a yellow/peachy concealer for under her eyes because the yellow/peachy color would counter act the blue-ish/purple tones under the eyes. I told her to think of it just like the color wheel - a lesson on color I learned in my painting class. 

Green Concealer/Primer:

Ever wondered what that tube of green concealer was doing at the drugstore?
If you look across the color wheel you will see that Red's compliment is green - so in order to help cover up red you want to put green on top. If you want to cover up your redder than rudolph's nose on christmas blemish (which I often do) just dab some green concealer on it, blend it out and then layer it with foundation or concealer that matches your skin! 

*Maybelline and NYX both have affordable green colored concealers.
 It doesn't need to be expensive, you just want that green color to cover up the red! 

Yellow/Peachy Concealer:

Like you read above, the yellow/peachy toned concealers are to cover up the blues and purples in your under eye circles. Blues compliment is orange and Purple's is yellow so settling somewhere in between with peach or just yellow works perfectly! 

*Bobbi Brown calls these concealer colors in her collection 'correctors' and they are nice and creamy. NYX has great, affordable concealers in lavender, yellow, orange, and green. 

Purple Concealer/Primer: 

Lavender concealers or primers are usually used to brighten up sallow or dull looking skin. So if your complexion is looking just a bit 'blah' and needing to be brightened up a bit lavender colors are for you. 

*Almay and Stila make really neat primers that have these swirls of correcting colors in them so that it's an all in one product! Smashbox also makes the biggest variety of primers i've ever seen and has one for each of these correcting issues. I actually just purchased their new blemish healing primer and am really enjoying it so far. 

Hope this answered any questions you may have had about concealing, my painting class just reminded me once again why it's called makeup artistry. It's an art!

Have a fabulous Monday :) 
hugs and 'coon' eyes, 


  1. Ok girl! SO what color do I need for my raccoon eyes? LOL

    1. You could go for just a straight yellow concealer then layer your concealer that matches your skin tone over top and blend or if you don't mind spending a little more money you could use a peachy toned concealer to help brighten up the area! I say more money because drugstore makeup lines usually don't have many options for peach colors, they just have yellow :) let me know if it works or you have anymore questions :)