Saturday, April 26, 2014

Everyday Contour 101

Hi Cuties, 

I've missed you and blogging, i've finally settled in to my new apartment in NYC and ready to get my vanity set up and back to chit chattin' about beauty on here! 

Get your fish faces ready because today I'm breaking down a simple, everyday contour and my favorite products and brushes to use. This was requested by the lovely Cindy and I really hope it helps! 

Below is my beautiful roommate, I've labeled the areas that I contour. A light contour can really define your face and add the extra 'umph' to your already beautiful features! 

 A Few Helpful Tips on Contouring:

1. Always start with a light hand and small amount of product, you can always add more!

2. When contouring your cheeks: Make your fishy face, start at your hairline and lightly swipe your brush down and back up until you've reached your desired color. Try to use the end of your eyebrows/eyes as a guide on how far to bring the contour into your face. You're just trying to create a shadow so that the area recedes back (highlight features you want to stand out, and contour features you want to recede or define), giving the allusion of more defined cheek bones.

3. You don't have to contour your nose but it's another great secret to give the allusion of a defined/straight sniffer! Very lightly take your brush and glide it down the sides of your nose where the words 'contour' are shown in the above picture. You can even shadow a bit underneath to define the tip of your nose. 

4. Try to choose a bronzing/contour product that is more on the matte side with less shimmer so that it appears more natural. 

5. Choose a brush that is made for contouring in mind, these brushes are small and fit easily in the areas you need to contour. Making the whole process much easier! 

6. Lastly, less is more. You want it to look natural and effortless! 

Now for some of my Favorite Products & Brushes... 

Favorite Products:

1. MAC Shaping Powder in Taupe - it's a cool toned brown and great for light skin tones, MAC has other great sculpting powders without the orange tint that you often find.

2. NARS Laguna - sounds cliche because everyone loves it but i've been using it a lot lately, it's great for light to medium skin tones. I got mine at Sephora.

3. Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer in Warm Tan - this has a great cream to powder finish and works well on medium to darker skin tones. It can tend to look a bit orange on my light skin but in the summer works well. I found mine at Target.

Favorite Brushes:

1. Sigma Small Contour F05 - this brush is the perfect size and makes contouring fool proof! 

2. Sigma Tapered Blending E40 - this is what I like to use for contouring the sides of my nose, again a great size so that you don't end up contouring an entire half of your nose. HaHa

3. Real Techniques Contour Brush - this is also great for all over contouring cheeks, forehead, etc. The bristles are synthetic so you can use your cream and liquid products with it. I also love this brush for my under eye concealer! 

Voila! Isn't she Purrty?

Thanks liz for being my model, oh the joys of being the roommate of a beauty junkie! Oy! 

Have a wonderful weekend Y'all! 

What are your tips on contouring? Was this helpful?

Hugs and fishy faces,