Thursday, March 28, 2013

April 2013 Wish List

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! 
Finally all the snow has melted and it's sunny at 40 degrees outside! Spring is near!

Here is some of my new wish list items!  

Beautysets - April Wishlist

Has anyone tried any of these items? What do you think?
I'm thinking about filming a look with the new Too Faced Summer palette while i'm home for break so be on the look out! 

Talk to you all soon! 

Easter Break giddy,  Jess 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Benefit Triple Glammy High Shine Gloss

Hello Everyone! 

Today is a little post and review about Benefit's Trio of High Shine Glosses with a little mini motivational monday quote added to the end of it! Even though it's already technically spring, we got a bunch of snow last night...who's with me when I say I'm ready for spring and for the cold to be gone?! Hope you enjoy and stay warm if it's chilly where you are! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Firmoo Trendy Glasses: Review

Yippee It's Thursday and almost the weekend - can I get a woop woop?

I have a super exciting post today because my lovely readers can a little something to snaz up your eyes from it. I was contacted by the glasses company Firmoo to try out a pair of their glasses and then do a little review about how I liked them. This is my first company that has contacted me and I wanted to add a little disclaimer in here: I am NOT being paid to review this product and all opinions in this post are truly my OWN and how I personally feel about the product. I did receive my pair of glasses for free - However, I wanted to do the review because they offered a program that will let my readers get their first pair of glasses FREE and all you have to do is pay shipping! How awesome is that!!!! 

So what is Firmoo anyways? 

Firmoo -, is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars.

I was in the market for a new pair of glasses anyways, so I was so excited about this opportunity. Glasses can be SO expensive and this is a wonderful way to try new looks without breaking the bank for just a silly ole designer label. Since, I already have glasses - I decided to go ahead and try a trendier (nerdy, hipster,stylish, whatever you want to call it) pair that I might have not normally chose when I have to buy them for $300 or more with prescription! And the best thing about this is that you also get your lenses with YOUR personal prescription in them! None of that buy your glasses and then pay a million dollars for your lenses tricky stuff !

So anyways, here are the glasses I chose!

I feel so odd taking selfies - but guess i'll have to get over that for this blog huh? haha

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Belated Motivation Monday! #3


I am so sorry that I didn't get a chance to post yesterday - it was one of those run around like a chicken with your head cut off kind of day. But just to make sure I stick with it I thought I would still post a little something motivational today. I found this video a while ago about a rescue dog - and thought it was so a great way to show a story of the power of faith and believing in something. 

Even though this situation is about a human helping and animal I think the lesson from it can be applied to any situation and the power of believing in one another and not giving up. 

Here is the link to the video: Hope you enjoy it as much and I did! 

I have an exciting post for later this week that includes a little special something for you all AND I just received my first Birchbox (me really exciting jumping up and down) in the mail yesterday and will be doing a post on the products inside it! So look forward to those posts soon! 

And as promised here is my St. Patty's Day attire! 

Lauren, Liz, Me, Ross (boyfriend)

thanks for reading guys! I have lots of beauty posts coming soon I promise! 
Enjoy your Tuesday! 

with hugs and blustery day woes, 

Jess xx

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Confessions of a Blogger Tag

Hello Loves!

I was tagged by the beautiful Jasmine from the Green Eyed Monster to do the "Confessions of a Blogger" tag! I enjoy reading why others started their blogs and their experiences with it so thought it would be a great way to also share mine! Thanks Jasmine! You should definitely check out Jasmine's blog - my favorite of her most recent posts is her Silly Saturday which made me sit and laugh out loud myself like a weirdo. 

When did you start your blog?
So I technically started my blog February 2012 - but I finally kicked myself in the butt and decided to dedicate myself to it starting the beginning of this year, and I'm so happy I did. 

Have you had any past online presence before? 
I guess if you consider facebook and twitter a presence haha then yes but not a blog or anything like that, no. 

Why did you start a blog?
I enjoyed reading others blogs so much that I thought I would love to join a community that enjoyed my passion as much as I did. I also found that my friends were always asking me advice on products, or taking them shopping, or doing their makeup (which I love and wouldn't have it any other way) that I thought this would be a nice way to share my thoughts to more people. 

When did you become serious about starting a blog? 

Like I said above, I started the blog last year but really became serious about dedicating my time to it this year and have loved every minute of it thus far. :)

What was your first post?
haha oh goodness, it was basically saying that this was my first attempt at blogging and that I was very new to it so bare with me...and it had a lovely picture of a cat with photoshopped makeup on - which I thought was pretty cute! 

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
Probably keeping up with posting regularly - because I am also a full time student with two internships and a part-time job that my time needs to be well thought out, hence the reason most of my posts are published in the wee hours of the morning! Also, learning the correct lighting with photos and such has been a challenge. 

Where do you see your blog in one year? 
Hopefully with more friendly followers reading it and I would love to get enough followers to start making videos!!! I love blogging and the fact that even one person tells me they read it and enjoys it - it keeps me going. It's definitely hard putting yourself out there! 

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
Definitely friending so many wonderful people who share the same interests as I do. I enjoy so much when you all leave comments and share your opinions with me. It's very rewarding to know that even if just one person smiled while reading my blog and tells me that they read it - that pushes me to continue it and even lose sleep to post and 'hangout' with you all through my blog. : )

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
I'm really happy to say that I haven't (knock on wood) had really any negative things happen yet during my blogging experience - and not to say there isn't people out there who think it's "silly" or stupid. But who cares about their opinions, I enjoy it and that's all that matters! 

What's your lasting inspiration or motivation?
Absolutely, hands down, those of you who take the time to come to my blog and read what post and comment and share your thoughts with me, I try to reply to everyone of them and truly cherish those little comments! Knowing that people read it is my motivation to keep thank you to everyone who supports my blog. Also, to my wonderful boyfriend and roommates and family who share my posts and encouraged me every step of the way. Like I said before it's difficult to put yourself out there in this big ole internet world haha 
So there ya go! Thanks for reading my answers and to Jasmine for tagging me! Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me as a blogger! 

I would love to hear the Confessions of you all as I'm tagging:

Jenny @ Jeneral Rambling 

And anyone else who wants to do it I would love to read your answers!

thanks for reading and I will be posting a new beauty post soon! We are also throwing a St Paddy's Day Training/birthday party for my roommate party tomorrow so I will post something about my Green Paddy's attire and makeup! (p.s. St. Patty's Day is a pretty big deal at my school...we go big haha)

Have a great day!

Jess :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Roommates Favorites: Part 1

Hello There Pretty Readers! 

Today I am posting part 1 of a mini series called "My Roommates Favorites" so that you can see the favorites of other people with different skin types and such. 

So here are my lovely roommates 
From left to right: Lauren, Megan, Liz, Me

Monday, March 11, 2013

Motivational Monday #2

Happy Monday Everyone!

It's been a rainy, dreary day here but luckily it's getting warmer so it doesn't bother me as much. I can't wait for Spring any longer! For the second motivational monday I have a pretty long quite, but I think every line of it is inspiring and true. I have had this hanging on my bathroom mirror since probably my junior year of high school (i'm a senior in college) because reading it really reminds me to believe in myself. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You're good, but you're going to be great. 
You're the best, but you're going to get better. 
Sometimes the paths we take are long and hard, but remember: 
those are always the ones that lead to the most beautiful views. 
Challenges come along, inevitably; how you respond to them determines who you are - 
deep down inside - and everything you're going to be. Increase the chances of reaching your goals by working at them gradually. The very best you can do is all that is asked of you. Realize that you are capable of working miracles of your own making. Remember that opportunities have a reason for knocking on your door, and the right ones are there for the taking. You don't always have to win, but you do need to know what it takes to be a winner. It's up to you to find the key that unlocks the door to a more fulfilling life. Understand that increased difficulty brings you nearer to the truth of how to survive it - and get beyond it. Cross your bridges. Meet your challenges. Reach out for your dreams, and bring them closer and closer to heart. Get rid of the "if only's," and get on whatever you need to do to get things right. Go after what you want in life, with all the blessings of all the people who care about you.
And find out what making your wishes come really feels like.

- Collin McCarty

I think it's important to surround yourself with people who believe in you. I am lucky and blessed enough to have really wonderful friends and family who constantly remind me that they know I can do anything I put my mind to. Know that even in your lowest point (which i've definitely been there) there is no where to go but UP and I definitely believe in you!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks bit of inspiration!
Later tonight or tomorrow I will be posting a little mini series 'What my roommates are loving' because I thought since we all have different skin types it could be helpful to see what they like too!

Look at this little cutie from Bath and Body works! It's one of those little clip on air fresheners - I keep mine in my car! 

thanks for reading

Jess xx

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mini MAC Haul

Hey there! Happy Weekend! 

Over break I went to Nordstrom to finally spend the gift card that my boyfriend's wonderful family got me for christmas to by what other than...some makeup?!

They took the MAC Store out of our mall (and replaced it with the art of shaving store for guys...yawn) so Nordstrom's is the closest place to go and actually test the products.

So here is what I picked up on mini MAC haul

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Liebster Award!

A big thank you to Laura from Laura's Fashion Fix for nominating me for the Liebster Award! You should definitely check out her blog, she is quite the fashionista!

For those of you who don't know what the Liebster Award is... (because I didn't know before I was tagged in it even though I had seen it on other blogs) The Liebster Award is an award going around where people nominate other up and coming bloggers who have 200 or less followers. It's a nice way for everyone to get to know one another a little better! 

1)  Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2)  Answer the questions that the tagger set for you
3)  Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
4) Go to their page and tell them
5) No tag backs :) 


1) My favorite color is green...of all shades and tints
2) I'm from Kentucky 
3) I'm a senior Visual Communication Design major - Graphic Design basically 
4) I have two precious dogs that I adore
5) I love traveling and have been to Japan, England, Ireland, and France and want to go everywhere!!!
6) My birthday is April 15th (tax day haha) 
7) I am an only child 
8) I love sleeping with a sleeping mask
9) I usually write a to do list everyday - or else I would forget everything
10) I misplace my phone probably about 5 times a day 
11) I have blue eyes 


1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Wow this is a tough one, I think Paris would be a lovely place to live for a bit - but I can really make a home anywhere!

2. Celebrity Crush
I've had a crush on James Franco for years but I also think Chris Hemsworth is one smexy hunk of man! ;) 

3. Favourite type of music
I love all kinds of music - it depends on what mood I am in (pop,musicals,country,rap...etc.)

4. Favourite nail varnish colour
I really love nudes and light pinks for my nails and brights for my toes - Essie's Guilty Pleasures for my toes and I forget the name of the OPI nude...something ballerina?

5. Favourite mascara
Definitely MUF's Smokey Lash 

6. What is your favourite pair of shoes? Take a photo!

7. What shampoo do you use for your hair?
I use Redken's Blonde Glam and Herbel Essence originals they just cam out with again! I switch on and off every other wash because the Redken can be pricey! 

8. What is your guilty pleasure?
Probably makeup, reading blog/vlogs, and Raspberry Lemon cheesecake from the cheesecake factory with my girls! 

9. You're given £100 to go shopping on either a clothes spree or for make up, which one would you pick?
Probably makeup spree! 

10. What are you excited for this year?
That I graduate from College in December and hopefully have an exciting internship this summer

11. If you could meet anyone famous, who would it be and why?
I would have really loved to have met Marilyn Monroe - she seemed like such a complex person and would love to have been her friend and get to know her when she wasn't in "Marilyn" mode 


1) If you were stuck on an island and could bring three things what would they be?
2) If you could be any disney character, who would you be?
3) What is your dream job?
4) What is your favorite dessert?
5) What is your most used makeup product?
6) What is your favorite holiday?
7) Why did you start blogging?
8) What is your most embarrassing moment?
9) What is your ideal vacation spot?
10) What is your ideal 'chill/comfy' outfit?

My Nominees are...

Hope everyone can participate!!! I have fun reading everyone's answers! 

Jess :) 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday Readers! 

I wanted to try to start a new thing called Motivational Monday where every monday I might post an inspirational quote and discuss my thoughts and such. Just because I enjoy makeup and being all dolled up doesn't mean I wear makeup everyday nor do I think you need makeup to makeup you beautiful.

I think makeup is a lovely way to be creative, express yourself through the art form and enhance those beautiful, unique features that you were born with. So I would really like to take a day out of the week and focus on inner beauty. 

One of my favorite quotes dealing with beauty is...

In reality, makeup can only cover up so much - it can't hide emotions and can't change how you really feel inside. Seeing someone who is really taking joy in all life has to offer is way more beautiful than any amount of makeup could ever be. 

I was thinking the other day how much I hate when sometimes my thighs touch when I walk (I just have some Kardashian like curves in my booty and thighs - Even though I love them, I also fight with them) Later that day I watched a show where a man who was born without legs had taken his disability and celebrated his unique challenge he was dealt with and challenged himself to do everything and MORE that people with legs could do. 

It was so inspirational and eye opening. Here I am complaining about my thighs touching, when I should just be grateful that I have legs that are healthy and capable. 
It's wonderful to see people overcome tragedies, losses, and challenges.

So today, I challenge you to pick a feature of yourself that you usually dislike and look in the mirror and repeat after me...

"I'm sexy and I know it" 

haha sorry I had to be a little silly - but in all seriousness you are beautiful.

Let me know if you like the idea of these posts and if you enjoyed todays - Also comment if you have any topics or things you would like to discuss. 

Thanks for reading! 

with love and booty shakin' curves, Jess xx

Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Favorites!

Hi pretty Readers! 

Today i'm going to share some of my February favorites, these are things that I either used a lot over the month or even maybe discovered and began to love during February! Enjoy! 

Say hello to my little February Favorites!