Thursday, May 21, 2015

Beauty Myth: Boots Botanics 100% Organic Facial Oil

Hello Lovelies! 

Today's post is all about a recent skincare item i've been adding to my nightly routine, facial oil! I have oily/combo, blemish-prone skin so it might come as a surprise that I would put more oil on my face. Which leads me to a common beauty myth...

"You can't use facial oil if you have oily skin"

Understandably, if you have oily skin you're most likely searching for products that are 'oil free' and 'mattifying' and staying clear of anything with the word oil in it. 

I'm here to tell you that Facial Oil is a fantastic addition to your skincare routine whether your skin is oily, normal, or dry. Often, us oily faced gals make the mistake of stripping our faces with drying toners, mattifying lotions and skipping moisturizing all together. What you may not know is that the more you work to remove the oil, you're also stripping your skin of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy and therefore your skin just starts producing MORE oil to compensate for the loss. Basically - it's a slippery mess! 

I've started to use a facial oil at night when i'm catching up on my beauty rest, this way I can wash off whatever didn't soak into my skin and then use a lighter gel moisturizer during the day to stay shine free under my makeup. My skin is also very sensitive so lately I've been leaning more towards natural, sensitive skincare. I love the entire Boots Botanics line because it's affordable and it works, their facial oil is 100% organic and under $10 - can't beat it! It's formulated with Rosehip extract, which has natural Omega-3 and oils that keep your skin looking hydrated and nourished. 

Other products I love from the Boots Botanics line below. 
 Let me know below if you have any specific questions about them, happy to share more!

1. Organic Softening Cleanser - love this because I can even remove my eye makeup with it 

2. Shine Away Scrub - great scrub for the shower, the one in the picture is actually empty 

3. 100% Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz - smells AMAZING, an absolute must have

4. Ultra Calm Night Cream - love to switch on and off between the facial oil and this, it's very calming and gentle on the face.

Have you tried a facial oil yet? Let me know what you think about this new trendy skincare item.

Hugs from NYC, 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall Lippies

Hi All, 

How have you all been?
 I can't believe it's already November, Christmas will be here before we know it! Today I wanted to share some great options for a fall berry lip. 

1. MAC lipstick in Hang Up - A beautiful berry color with a creamy finish.

2. Boots Botanics lipstick in Scarlet - This color looks gorgeous on all skin tones! It's very pigmented and one swipe is all you need to finish your look. 

3. Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 04 Endless Plum - This is one of my roommate's favorite lip colors, it dries to a creamy semi-matte finish but you can always add a gloss or chapstick if you prefer. 

4.  Boots No7 Moisture Drench lipstick in Cranberry - Perfect for everyday, for those with darker complexions this color is a great 'your lips but better' color. The formula is easy to apply and moisturizing just like it says. 

5. Urban Decay Revolution lipstick Shame - a lip liner is a must with this color as it's quite dark and can be difficult to apply right out of the tube. This is definitely the vampiest of them all but such a fun color to go out in.

left to right: Hang Up, Scarlet, Endless Plum, Cranberry, Shame

Do you have a go-to berry lip color? 

Do we follow each other on Instagram? You can see what I was for halloween @Jezz222

hugs and vampy lip smackers,  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Maybelline The NUDES: Review & Swatches

Hi Ya'll! 

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! It's beginning to feel like fall here in NYC, which I love for two reasons 1.) I don't feel/look like a sweaty monstrosity when I get to the subway in the morning 2.) Fall Sniffs, and by 'sniffs' I mean the glorious smell of my Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle that is currently gracing my nose as I write this post. You should most definitely check it out next time you stop by Bath & Body Works

Now that you have waffles on your mind, let's talk about makeup shall we? 
Today I wanted to share my review on the new Maybelline The NUDES palette. 

Okay, let's dig in...sorry that's the waffle on my mind speaking. 

The palette has a range of 12 neutral colors that range from shimmer, matte, and satin finishes. I picked mine up at Target for $9.99. 

While the shadows aren't as pigmented as those from the Urban Decay's Naked palettes, I was actually pleasantly surprised with a few of the colors. 

Top Row: Left to Right
Bottom Row: Left to Right

The Packaging:
I think the packaging is great, thin and compact. Compared to the Naked palettes again this is much easier to throw in your makeup bag or purse. 

For 12 shadows at $9.99 you really can't go wrong. As I said, the color payoff isn't like that of an Urban Decay eyeshadow but for 10 bucks they're great! 

One of my absolute favorite things about this palette is that if you turn it over it shows you how to pair the shadows to create 13 different looks!!! GENIUS! This is great for makeup beginners and experts needing some inspiration. It even has an illustration showing you where to put the various shades on your lid, which is where I think most people get intimidated. 

My Tips: 
My advice would be to definitely use an eye primer or concealer on your lid so that the shadow has something to stick to. Also, these shadows have some fall out, (where the excess color falls onto your face after applying on your lid) I would suggest tapping a good amount of translucent loose powder under your eyes to catch the fall out. This way you can gently sweep it away without making too much of a raccoon eye mess on your face. 
Finally, Have Fun!

Overall, I think this palette is great for people beginning to experiment with eyeshadows who don't want to invest in an expensive palette at first. 

So what do you think, have you tried the Maybelline The NUDES palette yet? 

Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram (@Jezz222), I always love chat about makeup! 

hugs and pumpkin pecan waffle cravings, 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Face of the Day | Bronze Cat Eye

Hi Ya'll 

Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! Today's post is a simple face of the day that I liked and thought I would share the products I used to achieve it. 

The Look

The Products 
My Face

Since my face has been treating me well lately and breakouts have been at a minimum I only used concealer and powder. 

Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Concealer (Light 16) - to cover any blemish scars and uneven skin tone
Boots No7 Radiant Glow Concealer  (Shade 1) - brighten up my under eye area and it also decreases puffiness 
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural (Medium Plus) - provides great coverage that looks like your skin
Boots Botanics Blusher (Peach) - this has been my favorite blush color lately, buildable and natural 

My Eyes

Jelly Eye Shadow (Lid) - pretty base color with lots of color pay off 
MAC Eyeshadow (Tempting) - this bronze color really brings out my blue eyes and looks just as great by itself, I used this on from the middle of my lid to the outer corner 
MAC Eyeshadow (All That Glitters) - I used this on the inner corner of my eye 
MAC Fluidline (Wholesome) - this eyeliner is amazing, it glides on and makes it really easy to create a nice smooth line 
L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara (Blackest Black)  - this mascara is awesome, it curls and volumizes, I just finished my first tube

What color eyeshadow best brings out your eye color? 

Next post will be a look with the new Maybelline The Nudes palette - stay tuned! 

hugs and miss manga style lashes, 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Karlie Kloss | Warby Parker Collaboration

Hello Beautiful! 

Hope you all are having a fantastic start to your week, all is well here in NYC and I'm excited to share an exciting collaboration with you in today's post! 

Ever heard of lovely lady by the name of Karlie Kloss? Of course you have! She's the drop dead gorgeous super model currently taking the world by storm. Not only is she gorgeous, spunky, and genuine, she's takes her fame and uses it for good. Almost like a superhero, shall we just call her Katwomen and call it a day? She collaborated with momofuku Milk Bar to create Karlie's Kookies where a portion of the proceeds are donated to provide nutritious meals for school children in need. 

Well folks, she's done it again and this collaboration with Warby Parker is definitely something you don't want to miss out on! Warby Parker offers beautifully designed, quality prescription eyewear at an affordable price. Let me tell you that I wish I had discovered them before purchasing my last pair of prescription glasses because affordable was no where near what I paid (sigh). They even have an at home try-on program where they'll send you any 5 pair of frames for you to check out (for me that means dancing around the house until the I get just the right booty shakin' to know that i've found 'the one') and see which ones you like best. For every pair of glasses sold they donate a pair to those in need.

I know, I know enough of the booty shakin', now let me share more about the collaboration with Karlie Kloss launching today! 

The collection has three styles: Clara, Marple, and Julia each with two different lens color choices. The collection is beautiful, each style is unique with slightly different shaped , yet still unified. I really love the various lense color choices and the fact that they are made of lightweight titanium material, some heavier glasses can give me a headache.  

Heirloom Gold with Copper Fade lenses

Heirloom Gold with Violet Clover lenses

Heirloom Silver with Indigo Wash lenses

The best part of this collaboration is that a portion of each pair purchased will be donated to Edible Schoolyard NYC, but specifically to two community farm stands in Brooklyn and East Harlem, where kids learn about food preparation in their own neighborhoods. This is in addition to Warby Parker distributing  a pair of glasses for someone in need for every pair sold. Amazing! Each pair of glasses are $145 each and are available starting today online and in stores. In my opinion, this is the perfect 'Treat Yo Self' AND those in need moment to splurge and get yourself a fabulous new pair of shades.

My favorites are the Clara with copper fade lenses, they remind of a favorite pair I used to have (and sat on) and could never find a similar style. Although i'll have a hard time deciding between those and the Julia Indigo wash lenses, the blue is beautiful! Which ones should I get?

What do you think of the collection? Which pair is your favorite? 

hugs and stunna shades,

Monday, June 2, 2014

What's in my purse

Hi Love Bugs!

Hope you all are well and enjoying the lovely, warm weather. 
I thought I would mix up the normal monthly favorites and show you what beauty products i've been carrying around in my purse recently. Enjoy!

1. No7 Perfect Light powder in Medium - This powder is perfect for touch ups and taking away shine. It's light and silky with just enough coverage for minor touch ups throughout the day - it also has a nice big mirror inside which is key for on the go!

2. Maybelline Color Elixir in Polished Petal (limited edition) - I've been wearing this a lot the past month, it's really natural color with a super shiny finish. The formula is thicker and feels more like a balm which personally I like because it feels like it's definitely going to stay put. The only caution I have is be careful when your lovely locks are blowing in the wind...because they will get stuck to your smackers! 

3. MAC Girl About Town lipstick (amplified) - It's always nice to have a fun lipstick in your purse just in case you need to spruce up an outfit for something after work. I wore this bright pink lip thrifting with my man last weekend and it was the perfect pop of color to my neutral colored outfit. 

4. Kai by gaye straza Perfume Oil - I got this mini perfume roller ball sample in my Fab Fit and Fun box and it smells amazing! It reminds me of the scents from Fresh, very subtle and this one has a bit of honeysuckle in it. Perfume samples are perfect for your purse, they're small and great for travel. 

5. MAC Lip Conditioner - You need this in your life!!! Okay, that was a bit dramatic but it keeps your lips feelings super soft and it's great by itself or layered on top of a lipstick to add a little shine. To top it all off it has a hint of vanilla like all of MAC lip products and if I'm going to put it on smack-a-roos then I want it to smell at lest somewhat pleasant. 

Here are the lip swatches...

left: MAC lip conditioner    middle: Maybelline Polished Petal    Right: MAC Girl About Town

Have a fabulous day!
Tell me are some of your favorites you keep in your purse? 

hugs and soft smack-a-roos, 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Everyday Contour 101

Hi Cuties, 

I've missed you and blogging, i've finally settled in to my new apartment in NYC and ready to get my vanity set up and back to chit chattin' about beauty on here! 

Get your fish faces ready because today I'm breaking down a simple, everyday contour and my favorite products and brushes to use. This was requested by the lovely Cindy and I really hope it helps! 

Below is my beautiful roommate, I've labeled the areas that I contour. A light contour can really define your face and add the extra 'umph' to your already beautiful features! 

 A Few Helpful Tips on Contouring:

1. Always start with a light hand and small amount of product, you can always add more!

2. When contouring your cheeks: Make your fishy face, start at your hairline and lightly swipe your brush down and back up until you've reached your desired color. Try to use the end of your eyebrows/eyes as a guide on how far to bring the contour into your face. You're just trying to create a shadow so that the area recedes back (highlight features you want to stand out, and contour features you want to recede or define), giving the allusion of more defined cheek bones.

3. You don't have to contour your nose but it's another great secret to give the allusion of a defined/straight sniffer! Very lightly take your brush and glide it down the sides of your nose where the words 'contour' are shown in the above picture. You can even shadow a bit underneath to define the tip of your nose. 

4. Try to choose a bronzing/contour product that is more on the matte side with less shimmer so that it appears more natural. 

5. Choose a brush that is made for contouring in mind, these brushes are small and fit easily in the areas you need to contour. Making the whole process much easier! 

6. Lastly, less is more. You want it to look natural and effortless! 

Now for some of my Favorite Products & Brushes... 

Favorite Products:

1. MAC Shaping Powder in Taupe - it's a cool toned brown and great for light skin tones, MAC has other great sculpting powders without the orange tint that you often find.

2. NARS Laguna - sounds cliche because everyone loves it but i've been using it a lot lately, it's great for light to medium skin tones. I got mine at Sephora.

3. Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer in Warm Tan - this has a great cream to powder finish and works well on medium to darker skin tones. It can tend to look a bit orange on my light skin but in the summer works well. I found mine at Target.

Favorite Brushes:

1. Sigma Small Contour F05 - this brush is the perfect size and makes contouring fool proof! 

2. Sigma Tapered Blending E40 - this is what I like to use for contouring the sides of my nose, again a great size so that you don't end up contouring an entire half of your nose. HaHa

3. Real Techniques Contour Brush - this is also great for all over contouring cheeks, forehead, etc. The bristles are synthetic so you can use your cream and liquid products with it. I also love this brush for my under eye concealer! 

Voila! Isn't she Purrty?

Thanks liz for being my model, oh the joys of being the roommate of a beauty junkie! Oy! 

Have a wonderful weekend Y'all! 

What are your tips on contouring? Was this helpful?

Hugs and fishy faces,