Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Z Palette: How to Depot on Your Eyeshadows

Hi Beautifuls! 

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Today's post is to introduce you to my new space saving, organizing super hero of a makeup junkies best friend...and her name is the ZPalette . This is the absolute perfect way to customize your own palette whether you're traveling, on the go, or just wanting to organize your makeup. I don't know about you but I always seem to have trouble finding some of my favorite single eyeshadows when they are all jumbled up in my makeup bag - especially my MAC ones because the packaging looks the same!

So this past Saturday night I put on my cowgirl chaps, (jumped up and down just to put em' on) dug out my lasso and set forth on the mission  to wrangle the mess of eyeshadows lost in my collection. Okay, Okay so I don't really have chaps or a lasso but I DID have a pack of Angry Orchard cider and 'There's No Business Like Show Business' Marilyn movie to help me out during the process. 

Here's a little peek into my night :) 

Anyways, I gathered my MAC eyeshadows and some Urban Decay and theBalm cardboard palettes that I had wanted to depot and got started. 

You Will Need: 

Knife (I used pointed tweezers) 
Hair Straightener 
ZPalette (or a similar magnetic palette)
Magnetic Circles/Strips for the bottom of eyeshadows (ZPalette's come with a pack)
Eyeshadows that you want to Depot :)

This is how I depotted my MAC Eyeshadows 

Okay See the line right above where the eyeshadow lid clicks to hold close?

Take your knife (or pointed tweezers in my case) and sort of wedge it in there so that you can pop the top section of the package open that is holding the eyeshadow pan.
Please be careful if you are using a knife, it might take you just a couple tries to get it but after your first one you should get the system down! 

Also please excuse my not so manicured nails, I'm taking a painting class this semester and my hands can get all kinda of crazy! 
It will look like this once you have popped it out. Also in this picture you will see the metal eyeshadow pan is ready to come out this is because I was busy jamming away to Miranda Lambert and the Pistol Annies and deleted the pictures of the steps before this. 

However, after it is popped out you will place this part on your heated straightener (you can place a piece of wax paper in between the two if you have some in the house but I didn't so I just placed it directly to the plate of the straightener). I re-created it down below. 

You're going to leave it on there for 15-30 seconds so that the plastic (and glue) will melt enough for you to push in the back of it to pop the metal pan out. Once you think it's been on there long enough pick it up carefully and turn it over and use your knife to poke the middle of the pan while the plastic is hot and moldable. The metal pan with the eyeshadow will be pretty hot once it pop out or you use tweezers to remove it from the plastic, so be careful. I played hot potato with my first one for a second forgetting how hot it would be. 

I turned mine over on the table and let them cool down for a minute before placing the metal stickers on the back of the pan so that it sticks to the magnetic Z palette. Like I said if you buy the ZPalette they came with a pack of these handy stickers or you can get magnets at the craft store. 

After putting the metal stickers on I wrote the name of the eyeshadow in sharpie so that I could remember the names - not that I could forget what Satin Taupe looks like, because it's my favorite. 

Beautifully, organized custom palette with all my favorites! This is the smaller ZPalette, I also have the larger one but this one is great for everyday and to throw in your purse or travel.

 I went about depotting theBalm Shady Lady 2 Palette a little differently, this palette along with a few other Urban Decay ones, etc. are made up of cardboard like material and I basically took my exacto knife and sliced along the side of the palette to pry apart and separate the top from the bottom which the shadows themselves were glued to. 

There really is no 'method' to the cardboard palettes I would say, but the exacto knife helped cut along the edges so that I could get to the eyeshadows underneath. Then you just use the knife to detached the pan from glue and paper - then repeat the steps with the magnetic stickers and you're done! 

All finished with my favorite neutrals from the Shady Lady palette added to the bottom! 

Hope you enjoyed this more lengthy, detailed post.
It almost makes you feel like you got to design your own little palette, look at us being our own little creative directors of our eyeshadow palettes! Fun, huh?

Have you tried the ZPalette or is it something you would like to do?

Have a lovely Wednesday! Hump Day WOOP WOOP

hugs and wild eyeshadow wrangling lassos, 


  1. I need to do this soooo badly! I have 2 empty z-pallets just waiting to be filled! Thanks for the tips :)

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