Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Secret to Second Day Hair

Hi Pretties 
It's the weekend finally! 

I started my full time internship this week and I have to get up around 6am everyday so when Friday came I was like...

source: google images 

I love my internship though, it's just the whole waking up part that I'm not ecstatic about! Anyways, today's post is my second day hair secret helper because like I said waking up at 6am + my super long, thick hair makes styling it in the morning quite difficult sometimes. If I want to sleep in a little longer I use this to keep my hair fresh and from looking greasy around the roots or sometimes when I take a shower at night I will put this on in the morning to fresh in up. My hair has never been the type to be able to take showers at night then styling it in the morning, I usually need to style it in the morning if I want to wear it down. (high maintenance hair sorrows) 

The left is right after I sprinkle it onto my hair. Yes, it looks like I just had a fight with the powdered sugar but I promise it's just the dry shampoo! After I sprinkle it onto the areas I want to de-grease-ify or just fresh in up, I take my hand and just gently work it into my hair. It has a lovely citrus smell to it - which I think is perfect, clean scent for dry shampoo. The picture on the right is after I have worked it into my hair and there really is no detection of dry shampoo left in your hair! 

Voila! Fresh Hair! 

What is your secret to second day hair? Have you used dry shampoo's before? 

Well I'm off to clean the garage now - I know it sounds like so much fun doesn't it? 
Then I might run to the mall to check out Express' 40% everything sale!!!
Do you have any exciting plans for this long weekend?

hugs and powered sugar hair, 
Jess xx 

Monday, May 20, 2013

My New Summer Favorite: Supergoop CC Cream

Hello Pretties! 

Today I want to share my new favorite beauty product for summer! I got the sample of Supergoop SPF CC cream in my March Birchbox and have squeezed the tube dry since. I seriously love this stuff - it's so surprisingly light on the skin and feels like you're wearing nothing yet still gives a pretty decent coverage. Plus is has excellent 35 SPF protection and of course the CC cream benefits, what more could you ask for! 

I love this product because I like a little more coverage than most tinted moisturizers give me (plus I never really fell in love with any tinted moisturizers because they always have made my skin oily) because I do have spots and various blemishes I like to cover. I've even started using this as my foundation with my MAC mineralized skin finish on top of it. I also have to say that as far as the CC cream benefits go, I can honestly say that I have seen fading in my acne scars and other discoloration on my face. 

I do plan to purchase the full size product now that I have squeezed every last drop out of this poor little guy. This is has  definitely been my everyday go to and favorite product of April and May. 

blended on the back of my hand 

Have you tried any other CC creams? Do you prefer the benefits of a BB or CC cream better? Tinted Moisturizer?  

Let me know in the comments, I love reading your thoughts!

Thanks for Reading! 

hugs and cc creams, 

Jess xx

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Putting on my Birthday Suit with Too Faced Boudoir Eyes

Hi Lovelies!!! 

And so you're I'm back from outer space....I just walked in to find you here with that foundation on your face...bum bum bum 

So I might have changed the lyrics a bit but for some reason that song was in my head because I haven't posted in a long time BUT "I'm back"! (Hence, the I will survive lyrics)
How have you all been? Sorry i've been MIA for the past month and half life just got crazy and I had to focus on that for a while. Hope everyone has been doing well and can't wait to hangout with my bloggy friends once again! I missed you all! 

Today's post is a mini review of the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette - which I love and blush every time I read the creative names of the eyeshadows! After I hop in the shower in a bit and get ready for dinner at my cousins' I will do a look using it and post pictures later! Enjoy!