Friday, June 21, 2013

My Summer Cubical Life: Self Tanner Galore

Hi lovelies, 

So you are probably wondering by the title why I'm living in a cube? Well maybe you read before that I have a full-time summer internship this summer and well I'm still getting used to life in the cube. Don't get me wrong, I love my internship!!! It's the whole stuck inside all day thing when the sun is shining thing that is getting to me. I'm sure many of you reading this have full-time big girl and big boy jobs, so you know very well that the 'cube life' (even if you're not sitting in a cube, we're still going to go ahead and call inside the cube life - it just sounds much cooler than...'I work inside a building that keeps me from basking in the sun') 

Hence, I am writing this post to tell you about two of my favorite self tanners that I use to keep me from looking like Caspers girlfriend all summer long.

St. Tropez - I love this Bronzing mousse because it gives a really true brown color that looks real and not live you spent the night before rubbing poo colored mousse all over your body. (which in reality is what you did, but hey no one has to know that) I usually make sure I exfoliate really well before putting it on so that the color doesn't gather in dry spots. Then, I sleep in it because you can't get wet for at least 4 hours after you put it on. It doesn't run onto your sheets or anything as long as you let it dry before crawling into bed! One thing to be aware though is that it does dry very quickly, so do sections of your body at a time. It goes on super easy, and a little goes a long way so be careful when pumping out a big ole handful. The smell isn't bad at all either, it really just smells like sunscreen. Some people use mits for your hands but I just make sure I wash my hands RIGHT AFTER and scrub with an exfoliator and lots of soap! Lemon juice works well too if you need to get the snookie out of your hands or spots on your body.

Sun Lab - This is a lotion consistency so for people who don't like the feeling of a mousse this is the tanner for you. It smells AMAZING, like almond cherry I think i've decided - there is no self tanner smell what so ever!!! Which is fabulous in my mind. You also want to wait before putting on your clothes right away after putting this on, like 10 min or so. I like this one because I can put it on and leave the house and let it sit all day, it doesn't make you look 'dirty' like the St. Tropez can before washing the top layer off. So this one is nice for self tanner beginners because it's a lot like lotion, but you do want to make sure you rub it in evenly or else you will have spots! 

What are you favorite self tanners?
Have you ever tried these?

hugs and cube life, 


  1. haha i know what you mean about 'the cube' life i really want tostart using self tan but i just can't seem to get it right. I might be brave and give sun lab a try if it smells as nice as you say : )

    Thanks for sharing : )


    1. Yes I think you will definitely like the Sun Lab! or the St. Tropez but the Sun Lab one really does smell wonderful! thanks for commenting :)