Sunday, June 16, 2013

Miss Bloggy got a Makeover!!!

Hi lovelies! 

Just wanted to make a quick post showing off my blogs new beautiful makeover! 
How lovely does it look? The beautiful Valerie from Scribbles of Valerie designed it for me, and I am in love! She did a super amazing job and was so easy to work with and describe my vision to. You should definitely check her out! 

New post coming soon! 

What do you think of my blogs makeover?

hugs and blog makeover giddy,


  1. Aw thank you Jess! But it's also thanks to your input :) I loved working with you! xx

  2. I think it looks lovely. Very simple, and I like the little touches of pink here and there. :)

    1. Thank You! I'm in love with the splash of pink as well :)

  3. Love it!

    Also, I tagged you for the 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty tag, you can check it out here:

    Have fun! Can't wait to see your answers