Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Favorites!

Hi pretty Readers! 

Today i'm going to share some of my February favorites, these are things that I either used a lot over the month or even maybe discovered and began to love during February! Enjoy! 

Say hello to my little February Favorites!

1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Eraser

220 Light Pale

I saw this at CVS around early february and decided to try it out because I had liked the Age Rewind under eye concealer so much. Plus from my breakouts I have spots of discoloration and this is supposed to be a treatment and concealer in one. It has Vitamin C and Goji Berry in it. Well I didn't know what Goji berries did so I looked it up,  Goji berries have anti aging benefits and can add moisture and increase elasticity in your skin (they also have a lot of other benefits if you eat them, however I do not suggest you start chompin' down on your concealer haha)

I really loved the coverage that the concealer gave, especially for a drugstore brand. I haven't used it long enough I think to really see a difference in the fading of the spots on my face but will update you to let you know. It also blends every nicely, I get frustrated with high coverage concealers that are so think they don't blend well.

My color is : 220 Light Pale 
before the concealer 
after one layer of the concealer 

2. Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner 

Felt tip brush 
Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in Brownish Black

I was searching for a liquid eyeliner that would give me a really nice thin line so I thought I would pick this up and try it and have ended up using it quite a lot. It has a felt tip brush and the formula is kind of more on the watery side but not too much that you have to wait forever for it to dry. I like this because i can get really close to my lash line when I don't really want a dramatic eyeliner look. I chose the color Brownish Black because sometimes Black can look too harsh on my light skin and light hair. Any other suggestions for great liquid eyeliners?

3. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish 
Medium Plus

This has definitely been a favorite of mine for around two years now, I've hit pan and re-purchased it and just absolutely love it! It's a great powder that can either be used to set your foundation or just wear on its own. It leaves a really natural finish that actually looks like your skin but better.

My color is in Medium Plus

4. Sephora Eye Lash Curler 
left: old one    right: new pretty one 
old yucky one 
new shiny one!

I decided to invest in a new eye lash curler this past month because as you can tell from the pictures the old one was just TIRED of curling lashes and needed to retire. I was going to pick of the bright green one at sephora but they had this cute little heart one limited edition with a tiny mascara for the same price! The have seem to have made the new one a little wider and I think it fits better with the shape of your eye and get all the lashes on the sides. Doesn't it just scream Valentine's Day haha

5. Dior Creme De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

yeah i've used THAT much in the month of February!

Whoa Buddy am I in love with this stuff! I had read reviews on it and decided one day in Sephora that I was just gonna spoil myself and go ahead and get it! And well we can see that it's already been put to good use, so I think it was worth it! This lip balm has a beautiful light rose scent to it, and I think rose scent is so feminine and I love it. (probably just another reason I like it) It also feels amazingly smooth on your lips and gives just the slightest natural pinky color. (really faint) The only thing I wish was different about it, is that you have to stick your finger in the pot and it just doesn't seem the most hygienic thing in the world - it would be nice if they had it in a tube form! This stuff is expensive but if you are looking to pamper your lips and splurge a little, I think you would love it!

That's all for my beauty favorites - here are some other random things i've been loving!

Bath & Body Works Sandalwood Vanilla candle - but mine is all burnt out :(

Strawberries, Blackberries, and Rasberries with lite cool whip on time for dessert

Blogging and getting to know and talk to new people and followers!

I loooove the show The Walking Dead too! 

thanks for reading!!!
have a wonderful day

Hugs, Jess 

What have you been loving lately? Have you tried any of my favorites?
comment below :) 


  1. I LOVE and need an eyelash curler too! And that Dior balm sounds fabulous! I've been loving hand cream, naps, and seeing spring clothes!

    1. The sephora one is great, and I don't believe it was that expensive either! I always love naps too! Doesn't really matter what month that is ;) thanks for letting me know what you've been into lately!

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    1. Thanks for following! I do really recommend the maybelline eraser - it actually has really great coverage!