Monday, March 25, 2013

Benefit Triple Glammy High Shine Gloss

Hello Everyone! 

Today is a little post and review about Benefit's Trio of High Shine Glosses with a little mini motivational monday quote added to the end of it! Even though it's already technically spring, we got a bunch of snow last night...who's with me when I say I'm ready for spring and for the cold to be gone?! Hope you enjoy and stay warm if it's chilly where you are! 

I like that the applicator is a small brush instead of a doe foot
left: back to the fuchsia    middle: life on the A list     right: wild child

I really enjoy these glosses even though they I usually tend to not pick up bright glosses because i'm usually a pinky nude gale - i've really been getting out of my comfort zone when it comes to bright lips!
They are nice and smooth on the lips - not sticky at all - almost moisturizing. They smell is nice too, like a little fruity I think, I hate when lip products smell/taste awful - for example has anyone every tried NARS lip gloss? They have such pretty colors but the gloss is just awful smelling and tasting - who wants to put that on their mouth haha

I wore the left fuchsia color over top of my red lip to my sorority philanthropy event (Red Dress Gala benefiting Women's Cardiac Care) on Friday and it was so pretty! Then I wore the nude color over top of a pink lipstick on Saturday night.! See pictures of my outfits and makeup below!
me bein' sassy with my leather jacket over my dress haha

my dress from target

Saturday Night Outfit 

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hugs and spring snowball fights, 

Jess :) 

Mini Motivational Monday Quote Below! Cause I think you all are really pretty! 


  1. These glosses look so pretty! I bet the bright ones would look great over light pinks to give them extra dimension. I love the red lip and red dress too!

    1. Yes they are semi sheer so they do look really great over lipsticks to change up the color! thanks for commenting christine!

  2. You look fabulous! Love the bold lips and the cute outfits. Those look like 3 really versatile glosses.

    1. Thanks Jasmine! I also love that there were three fabulous glosses for $18!!

  3. The glosses are so pretty!! You look gorgeous in that red dress :)