Monday, January 13, 2014

When I will be posting Giveaway Winner...

Hi Peeps!

I know you all are very excited to see who won the giveaway and I promise I should have the winner posted by Wednesday. Today was my first day of work and I'm just getting used to the city and will be moving from the place I am now to another place tomorrow - so it's a little hectic! 

Promise it's coming ASAP! Here are some pictures of my first few days in NYC - if any of you live in the city and would want to connect or have any advice I would love it! 

Have a fabulous Tuesday and I'll post the winner ASAP! You all have such great ideas for posts and I will get posting this weekend after getting settled. 

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Let's just say packing your life into a few cases to move isn't an easy task!

Central Park was so beautiful Sunday afternoon

My stop for work!

hugs and a new york state of mind, 

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