Monday, July 29, 2013

Survival 101: I'm Stranded in the Airport

5 Things You Need While Stranded in the Airport


I went to visit my boyfriend in New Jersey this weekend, he just moved there for work (insert sighs and sad face). Any who, we had a fun filled weekend from his Bloomberg Office summer picnic to Target shopping for things for his room. I was supposed to fly out yesterday evening when all the flights going to Cincinnati were cancelled (as well as other surrounding connections) due to weather. Today, I was scheduled to fly out at 1:30pm welp that obviously didn't happen so here I am "stranded in the Newark airport" writing a little 'survival guide' for getting through your time at the airport. This could come in handy since flying is so unpredictable these days and it seems that Magic flying dragons are harder to find than I thought. Enjoy! 

1. Keep Calm 

I know traveling can be super frustrating but it really does help when you try to brush all the little problems of travel off and try to relax. People will be rude ( much as I experienced today ) but let's try to keep in mind the old' mantra of 'You catch more bees with honey' and stay polite and nice. Although there are times when if that's not working you might just have to put your 'stinger' on and get down right sassy! However, I would try to save you sass for desperate times. In the end your kindness could get you further than the sass monster next to you bossing the gate agent around. 

2. Food...Get in my Belly 

I got to the airport with my stomach rumbling today. So I grabbed a sandwich and then...I got stuck waiting for the next flight 5 hours no I am snacking on trail mix and a Fuze drink. Nom Nom Nom - Yes the food is overpriced and yes there comes a point if your travel struggles where you just don't give a damn anymore. This girl needs to eat - especially when I'm bored and cold in the airport. Which brings me to my next must have...

3. Don't Fly Naked 

Okay, I know you're thinking..."Jess, well duh you can't go to the airport naked, are you some sort of animal." Well by Naked, I mean where something warm even if it's 100 degrees out or at least bring something to keep you warm. It's always cold in the airport and on the airplanes and there's nothing like being stuck inside a freezing metal bird in the sky and not being able to do anything about it. (Unless sky diving is an option - and you're up for the thrill) So today I'm lucky to have my boyfriend's sweatshirt and jeans on. If you have a neck pillow bring that too, I found a cool one that you could turn around and set your chin on in the store today - but I DO NOT need another pillow. 

4. Entertainment 

Whether it's trashy gossip magazines, a good book, computer or your's good to keep something with you that can make the time pass while you're waiting. Today, I have my handy dandy laptop as well as some gossip magazines and of course the August 2013 Allure (this is a beauty focused blog isn't it? haha.) It just so happens that my magazines are quite British focused today - Kate Moss on the cover of Allure and of course cute little Prince George on the cover of People. Aw reminds me of how much fun I had on my study abroad trip to London! 

5. Something to charge your Electronics 

My phone battery seems to die so quickly lately (just because I have tons of apps running and social media up all the time woops haha.) So my Dad gave me this external charging thing for my phone for my trip that I can plug it in on the go and charge it! It's genius, I just carry it around in my purse - definitely getting myself one of these. If you don't have one, no worries, most airports have charging stations with plugs and USB connections. But please just bring something in your purse or guys..your carry on so that you can call someone if you need. Payphone...wait do they even exist anymore? Haha but really you don't see them very often and I can't remember anyones number anyways. 

Oh! Looks like we might be boarding! Wish me luck! 
Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below on any travel tips that you have

hugs and airport people watching, 

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