Thursday, May 16, 2013

Putting on my Birthday Suit with Too Faced Boudoir Eyes

Hi Lovelies!!! 

And so you're I'm back from outer space....I just walked in to find you here with that foundation on your face...bum bum bum 

So I might have changed the lyrics a bit but for some reason that song was in my head because I haven't posted in a long time BUT "I'm back"! (Hence, the I will survive lyrics)
How have you all been? Sorry i've been MIA for the past month and half life just got crazy and I had to focus on that for a while. Hope everyone has been doing well and can't wait to hangout with my bloggy friends once again! I missed you all! 

Today's post is a mini review of the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette - which I love and blush every time I read the creative names of the eyeshadows! After I hop in the shower in a bit and get ready for dinner at my cousins' I will do a look using it and post pictures later! Enjoy!

Don't the names just make you smile - wonder who gets to name the eyeshadows! What a fun job!

And yes I'm sitting in my bathroom sink - I love doing my makeup while sitting in the sink on my counter  

Left to Right: In the Buff, Satin Sheets, Birthday Suit, Fuzzy Handcuffs,Sugar Walls, Lap Dance, Voulez-Vous, Garter Belt, French Tickler

My Thoughts: 

Like I said before I really love this palette - it has perfect cool toned natural shades for everyday or take it super smokey with the deeper shades of purple and gray.
I'm very impressed with the darkest color, French Tickler because a lot of time with deep colors with sparkle they either have lots of fall out or don't blend worth a darn. As you can see on my arm is blends beautifully and effortlessly! Way to go Too Faced! I also like how this palette has two mattes shades (In the Buff and Garter Belt) to work along with the shimmery  and satin colors. Overall, I would definitely recommend this palette if you are looking for some lovely cool toned colors to play with!

Look for my next post which will be about something I received in my Birchbox that I've already used up and loving !!!

Have you tried this pallete? What's your favorite too faced product?
Comment and let me know what products you've been loving for the start of summer!

With hugs and 'come hither' Boudoir eyes, 

Jess xx


  1. I love the packaging, the names, the shades... this palette is perfect! And welcome back :) x

    1. Agreed! It's very fun! and thank you! xx

  2. Never tried any Too Faced products. The colors look nice and very wearable. I like! The names are awesome lol.

    1. Oh you should definitely try them when you get the chance - they are really great quality!

  3. Oh wow what a gorgeous palette.. I love Too Faced! I might have to get this palette, it's a beauty xx

    Gemma | ♥

    1. Go ahead and treat yourself ;D I think you will really enjoy it!