Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Secret to Second Day Hair

Hi Pretties 
It's the weekend finally! 

I started my full time internship this week and I have to get up around 6am everyday so when Friday came I was like...

source: google images 

I love my internship though, it's just the whole waking up part that I'm not ecstatic about! Anyways, today's post is my second day hair secret helper because like I said waking up at 6am + my super long, thick hair makes styling it in the morning quite difficult sometimes. If I want to sleep in a little longer I use this to keep my hair fresh and from looking greasy around the roots or sometimes when I take a shower at night I will put this on in the morning to fresh in up. My hair has never been the type to be able to take showers at night then styling it in the morning, I usually need to style it in the morning if I want to wear it down. (high maintenance hair sorrows) 

The left is right after I sprinkle it onto my hair. Yes, it looks like I just had a fight with the powdered sugar but I promise it's just the dry shampoo! After I sprinkle it onto the areas I want to de-grease-ify or just fresh in up, I take my hand and just gently work it into my hair. It has a lovely citrus smell to it - which I think is perfect, clean scent for dry shampoo. The picture on the right is after I have worked it into my hair and there really is no detection of dry shampoo left in your hair! 

Voila! Fresh Hair! 

What is your secret to second day hair? Have you used dry shampoo's before? 

Well I'm off to clean the garage now - I know it sounds like so much fun doesn't it? 
Then I might run to the mall to check out Express' 40% everything sale!!!
Do you have any exciting plans for this long weekend?

hugs and powered sugar hair, 
Jess xx 


  1. Ooohhh, I really like the look of this! Might have a little look online now. Have fun cleaning your garage ;)

    I've got a M.A.C giveaway running at the moment, you should check it out...


    1. haha thank you! It's OH so much fun..not! I will go check out your giveaway now!

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.
    I also have super high maintenance hair, people don't understand! haha.
    I love dry shampoo! When I full blonde hair I used to use Johnson's baby powder it worked just as well as the spray ones. Makes my brown roots grey though!
    Love Batiste Tropical! x
    Rachael -

    1. I know I envy people who can just let it air dry and walk out the door - mine would just be a giant frizz ball! ha ha I've heard that baby powder can leave that dusty look a little but it is a great alternative :) thanks for commenting

  3. I have never tried this before so thanks for sharing I will keep a look out for this :D x | Shamballa Bracelet Giveaway ♥

    1. Yes definitely keep an eye out! I really like it :)

  4. My hair is so rubbish I can never make it to the second day :( Must persevere some time as it's such a chore washing it everyday! Xx

    1. I absolutely understand how you feel - I rarely get to make it through a second day without feeling bleh about my hair !