Friday, February 22, 2013

Flower by Drew Barrymore

Hey beautiful people!

Drum roll please...I heard about Drew Barrymore's new makeup, Flower, just the other day and stopped by my local Walmart to see what they had out so far. I believe the collection is only available at Walmart, and since they aren't doing any ad campaigns for the first year - it will just be promote by word of mouth. Which I think that the products are so great and different from other drugstore collections as far as price, packaging, and quality go they will have no problem getting the hype started. 

The Walmart I went to only has a small end cap with lip, nail, and mascara products so I picked up a few lip products they had. 

Here's what I got:

Lip Gloss LG3

Lip Gloss LG3

Doe Foot Applicator 

Lip Gloss in LG6

Lip Gloss in LG6

Lip Stick in Sweet Peony

Sorry for the dark picture quality, my camera wouldn't pick up the rose gold Flower
Compared to a MAC lipstick 
Sweet Peony 

Sweet Peony lipstick with LG6 lip gloss on top

Thoughts on the lipgloss: I really love the lip glosses overall, they feel very nice and smooth on the lips and have a very nice pigmented color. The smell is kind of odd, but it doesn't bother me to the point where I wouldn't wear it - I think it's supposed to be honey. The only comment I have on the first lipgloss is that it's basically my natural lip color and just ads shine to my lips but that could vary on anyone.

Thoughts on the Lip Stick: I really loved the lip stick as well, it's a creme finish I would say and in the pictures looks as if it has a metallic sheen to it but it doesn't look that way in person. I love this coral-pink color I think it's going to be beautiful in the summer when i'm tan - but it also looked lovely on my roommate who has beautiful pale skin. 

Things I love about the collection: 
-The packaging is gorgeous and looks like a high end make up line
- Quality is very nice for a drugstore product
- Price is great, all the products I picked up where $6.98!

Things that I don't love about the collection:
- After you take off the stickers on the lipstick you don't have the name/color anywhere on the package 
- They have numbers as names, which I think is annoying just like YSL lipsticks

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Have you tried any of the products from her new line? What do you think of them?

Comment below on any post suggestions! 
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! 

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Jess <3 


  1. I haven't tried any yet as most of the Walmart's around me don't carry it (I have to go to the suburbs) - but that lipstick looks wonderful and I've heard good things about the cream shadows as well!

    1. oh! I'll have to try the cream shadows, unfortunately the Walmart I went to didn't have all the products and my closest Walmart didn't even have them! Good luck finding them!

  2. I really like the look of the lipstick, such a nice coral.
    Have a nice weekend :) xx

    1. I agree Vicky! I love the coral - I might where it out tonight ;D have a nice weekend as well!! xxx

  3. The lipstick is a gorgeous colour, lovely products xxx

    1. It has a nice texture too! thanks for commenting! :)

  4. THis looks like a really pretty color!

    - Andrea Marie xx

  5. I love it - I want to try more of the colors from the collection

  6. The lipstick has such nice packaging, not that I should be swayed by that... but... The lipstick is also a lovely colour on you!

    I constantly wish I had access to things like this but I am from the UK, so sad!

    E x