Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara: Review

Does it really Crush Clumps?

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I'm just posting a quick review/first impression on Cover Girl's new Clump Crusher Mascara.I've tried the lash blast mascara before, and enjoyed it while I used it but quickly moved on to other mascara's because I love trying new ones. 

Why, yes I believe it does... 

The brush is plastic like the other lash blast mascaras from Cover Girl, but this one has a curved shape to it instead of the normal large plastic bristle brush.

*Please excuse my makeup-less eyes - some days you just gotta let your face breathe!
Before with no mascara 

With one coat of Clump Crusher Mascara

Overall, I really like this mascara. I don't necessarily know if  it provides less clumps that the original lash blast. (maybe i'll try a comparison) but my lashes felt pretty soft and natural. I think I would use this as an everyday mascara and continue to use my all time favorite Make up Forever Smoky Lash mascara for more drama. (Of course my lashes decide to cooperate best with a fancy pants expensive mascara - oh well it works!)
I did get clump less results, though I don't think my mascara usually clumps that much on me anyways.

Have you tried this mascara yet? What is your favorite mascara?

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oh and I found these grocery shopping today... 0_o
Has anyone tried them?


  1. My eyelashes like the expensive stuff too. And those chips frighten me!

    1. Same here! I don't think I could bring myself to try them! haha

  2. Ever since I got my Benefit birthday gift from Sephora, I fell in love with the They're Real Mascara. I usually don't like the plastic brushes, but this one is great!!! Before Benefit, I used the Colossal mascara from Maybelline. I love the "normal" brush and the amazing volume, plus its cheap!

    1. I like the Benefit mascara as well, but sometimes the plastic bristles are too long and I tend to poke my eye with them - but it holds curl great! I'm going to have to try out the Colossal again, it's been years since i've used it!

  3. I would love to try this mascara but it's not available here :( My fave is Benefit They're Real but I'm always on the lookout for a cheaper alternative! Xx

    1. Do you have a Sephora? They made a sephora brand which is pretty similar -
      I put the link below so you could take a look!

      thanks for commenting!
      Jess :)