Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cleaning your brushes on a budget!

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How to Clean and Dry your makeup 
brushes on a 'Broke Girls' Budget:

It's really important to clean your makeup brushes/sponges everyone now and then (every two weeks or more would be best) because not only do they look gross from all the makeup residue on them, they build up bacteria very easily. (yuck) Which can eventually lead to break outs, and no one wants that OR the nasty bacteria all over their face. 

Sad Dirty brush ew

You're Going to Need:

- Towel
- Brush Shampoo (gentle hair shampoo)
- Clothes Hanger
- Rubber Bands
- Your Dirty Brushes/sponges

Ulta Brush Cleaner
I am using this Brush cleaner that I got from Ulta for around $6.00 but i've also used Elf's brush shampoo that they sell for arounf $3.00 or you can use a gentle hair shampoo or baby shampoo.

Step 1:
Take your brush and get it wet, then spray about five sprays of the brush cleaner
or a tiny drop of shampoo on the brush. Work the cleaner/shampoo into the bristles
with your finger tips.
Lather and rinse until the water runs clear and the brush is squeaky clean.
Squeeze the excess water out of the brush/sponge.

Step 2:
I then gently brush some of the water out on the towel so  they are so wet,
similar to how you may use your towel on your hair after the shower.

Now it's time to dry!

It's best to let your brushes hang upside down to dry over night.
This is because you don't want the excess water getting into the ferrel of the brush (the silver part that attaches the handle and bristles) because it can loosen up the glue and make it come apart over time.

There are some fancy, really cool brush drying racks out there like this one.
BUT if you are on the broke girl budget like me or just want to save some money and get crafty like I did here instead.

Grab your hangers and rubber bands...

Step 1:
Loop the rubber band so that it 'knots' around the brush.
Please excuse the red nail polish left on my nail that my
 roommate just HAD to test on my finger before hers haha -
by the way it's really good polish and i'll blog about it next!

Step 2:
Now use the same looping 'technique' to attach it upside down to the hanger.

VOILA!!! Continue until all your brushes are hanging.

Step 3:
Enjoy your clean makeup brushes after they're dry!
I hung mine from my shower rod to dry!

Hope you all enjoyed this!
Would anyone watch a video if I made one?

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  1. This is such a great idea! I was just talking about how i need to clean my brushes

    1. Yeah it's something you don't think to do! But trust me when you feel how clean they are after you'll love it! come over and you can use all my stuff to wash them! Thank you for commenting poppie

  2. This is something I desperately need to do! Glad its simple.

  3. It will definitely make a difference and help keep your skin clearer and your brushes last longer!